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The UN-religious, NON-family oriented literary and art magazine. ISSN 1068-5154

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We accept work of almost any genre, but we’re not keen on rhyme for rhyme’s sake, and we’re definitely not keen on religion poems.


Drawings. Artwork on inside pages of print issues/books appears in black and white (greyscale). Artwork in electronic versions will appear in full color.


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    Our biases are works that relate to issues such as politics, sexism, society, and the like, but are definitely not limited to such. We publish good work that makes you think, that makes you feel like you’ve lived through a scene instead of merely reading it. If we had to use two words to describe what we want, they would have to be intelligent and powerful. Keep that in mind. After you have sent a submission, please do not send another submission until we have processed and responded to your first submission.

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Children, Churches and Daddies (founded 1993) has been written and researched by political groups and writers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, England, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Turkey (as well a...

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