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Contributors on Chill Subs (18)

Tamara Bašić avatar

Tamara Bašić

"she/her; 26; vicious daydreamer"
Michelle Rochniak avatar

Michelle Rochniak

Wallingford, CT, United States
"20-year-old poet from CT (USA). In love with mythology and cottagecore. If you've read Sappho, listened to ABBA / Ruffin / mxmtoon / dodie, and/or watched Heartstopper and Our Flag Means Death, we'll be best friends :) <3 (she/they)"
Max Gillette avatar

Max Gillette

Mt Pleasant, MI, United States
"Max (they/them) is a poet whose work celebrates disability, queerness, and survival. They are currently working on their BS in English Lit and reading too many books at once. "
Ashley Varela avatar

Ashley Varela

Seattle, WA, United States
"Ashley Varela (they/she) is a queer writer & author based in Seattle, Washington."
A.R. Vaive avatar

A.R. Vaive

PA, United States
"22-year-old writer of all sorts. Horror fan, professional weirdo, and radical sentimentalist. Any pronouns <3"
olive pile avatar

olive pile

Arlington, TX, United States
"a writer and poet and musician and artist trans (she/they), queer, ace, neurodivergent, disabled, and Mad "you haven't seen the last of me""
Will Moran avatar

Will Moran

Birmingham, United Kingdom
"Will Moran (they/he) is a writer and editor living in Birmingham, UK. They are an intern for the Winterbourne House and Garden, working on a chapbook and blog to celebrate the historic site through the poetic form. "
Alexis ☕🪴 avatar

Alexis ☕🪴

MA, United States
"Alexis Crafts is a poet and writer from Western Massachusetts. She's a third-year university student with words in Ice Lolly Review, Celestite Poetry, Neuro Logical, and elsewhere. Occasionally, she does photography. "
Beth Mulcahy avatar

Beth Mulcahy

Cleveland, OH, United States
"Beth Mulcahy is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet whose work has appeared in various journals. Her chapbook, Firmer Ground, is forthcoming with Anxiety Press. Beth lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. "
nat raum avatar

nat raum

Baltimore, MD, United States
"nat raum (b. 1996) is a disabled artist, writer, and genderless disaster. They’re a current MFA candidate at the University of Baltimore, and also the editor-in-chief of fifth wheel press."
Freedom Strange avatar

Freedom Strange

United States
"Freedom Strange (all pronouns) is a young queer writer from Texas. She writes love poetry, speculative fiction, and just about anything else."
Erica Larsen avatar

Erica Larsen

Amherst, MA, United States
"Erica is an Idaho- and Massachusetts-based poet, student, dreamer, lover, hoper, and creator."
Ruthenium avatar


OK, United States
Suchita Senthil Kumar avatar

Suchita Senthil Kumar

Bengaluru, India
"Suchita is a writer creating chaos. Her work has been published in Live Wire India, Hooligan Magazine and Brave Voices Magazine among others. She makes life decisions asking herself one question: Will Sirius Black be proud?"
Elia Karra avatar

Elia Karra

"Author and filmmaker. MFA in Creative Writing from Lindenwood University. My Bacon number is 3, but if I try hard enough, I might finally make it a 0."
Melissa Martini avatar

Melissa Martini

NJ, United States
"She/Her | Founder & EIC of Moss Puppy Mag"
sadeebee avatar


Minneapolis, MN, United States
"Sadee Bee is ever-evolving as living with mental illness is never a straight line and hopes to be a voice and advocate for those like her. She is inspired by strange dreams, magic, and creepy vibes. Visual Arts Editor, Sage Cigarettes Magazine "
sanjana shankar (sana) avatar

sanjana shankar (sana)

"sana is a desi teenager with an affinity for cats, coffee and creative writing. she exists solely off of pinterest boards, YA lit and copious amounts of ocean vuong, and runs a lit mag (@filtercoffeemag on twitter) with her best friend. "

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