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At Cease, Cows we want to explore the contemporary, the strange, the big questions. We want to feel cultural pulses, expose mental arteries, bathe in both the sanguine and sanguinary. We want to publish prose with fire and truth.


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    8% *
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Fiction - 500 words max

Max words: 500

Sub Genres: Literary


Submission fee: $ 2

We want prose poetry that makes us pause mid-chew, we want to be moo-ved. Better not send us rhyming poems or we’ll give you the hoof.

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    A cover letter is nice, but not required. Please include a 100-ish word, third-person author bio.

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    All works of original fiction and poetry are published with the permission of the individual authors, and all copyright to a work remains with its author. We do request that our authors acknowledge Cease, Cows as the first place to feature their work if it appears elsewhere in the future. Work published on our site may not be reproduced without permission, per standard copyright laws.

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You may see the title of our silly literary magazine and ask yourself, “What the [insert f-bomb] is that?” We’ll appease your burning curiosity. It’s from a novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, by the excellent Gabriel García Márquez. Now you have secret knowledge. Use it wisely. Or don’t. Whatevs....

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