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A cultural hub for deep, mystical poetry, essays, art, and photography submissions.


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Max words: 500

Max pieces: 1

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Welcoming personal narratives, critical analyses, and philosophical pieces, ensuring emotional engagement. Essays should be contemplative, offering insights on culture, art, psychology, and philosophy.


Max pieces: 3

Submissions can range from traditional forms to experimental styles. We particularly appreciate works that blend the psychological with the spiritual.


Max pieces: 5

All mediums welcome, looking for strong visions and emotional resonance. Visual art that evokes emotion and mystery, through various forms and styles.


Max pieces: 5

Photography capturing deep emotions, mystical elements, or insightful stories. Both black and white and color photography accepted, from staged to candid shots.

How to submit

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    Google / other forms

  • Cover letter

    Questions to consider: 1. Tell us about yourself - Who are you beyond the poet/author/artist? Share a little about your personal journey. 2. Describe your journey in your artistry - How did you begin, and what has your path been like? 3. What are the muses behind the pieces you are submitting? Share the inspiration and stories behind your work. 4. What drives you, moves you, and compels you to create? We want to understand the heart of your work. 5. Feel free to share any other aspects of your life or work that you believe are integral to understanding your work.

  • Eligibility

    At Ars Sententia, we firmly believe in the boundless power of diverse voices and creativity. Our platform stands as a testament to inclusivity and artistic freedom. Therefore, we proudly state: No Specific Eligibility Requirements: We openly welcome and encourage submissions from creators of all backgrounds, identities, and walks of life. Whether you are an emerging talent or an established artist, your work has a place here. Universal Acceptance: Our commitment is to the art and the powerful stories it tells. We believe that great art can come from anywhere and anyone, transcending boundaries of location, ethnicity, gender, age, orientation, and ability. A Celebration of Diversity: Ars Sententia is more than a magazine; it's a vibrant community where diverse narratives are not just accepted but celebrated. We cherish the richness that varied experiences bring to the tapestry of art and literature. In summary, our doors are open to all who seek to express themselves through their art. Ars Sententia is your platform, a place where every voice is heard and every story matters.

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    We ask for first North American publication rights, archival rights, and the right to use your work in promotional materials for Ars Sententia. After publication, all rights revert to you, the creator. We believe in respecting and preserving the integrity of your work as part of our collaborative and artist-centered ethos.

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Ars Sententia, envisioned by Editor-In-Chief Isiason Brown, emerges as a pioneering platform in the realms of art and literature. Embracing a vision that intertwines emotional depth with mystical elements, the magazine stands as a beacon for authentic, transformative artistic expression. At its core...

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