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  • Accepts simultaneous submissions

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    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

  • Accepts previously published

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

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Fiction - 80000 words max

Max words: 80000

Sub Genres: Science Fiction

Payment: $ 0 per word

Nonfiction - 4000 words max

Max words: 4000

Payment: $ 0 per word

Fact articles should be about 4,000 words in length and should deal with subjects of not only current but also future interest, i.e., topics at the present frontiers of research whose likely future developments have implications of wide interest. Necessary images should be provided by the author in camera-ready form.


Max pieces: 6

Payment: $ 1 per word

.DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF format


Max pieces: 6

Payment: $ 125 per piece

four to six samples of your best work send only copies electronic files are acceptable as long as it is in Mac format, eps or tiff, but please send a disk – DO NOT E-MAIL THE FILES


Max pieces: 6

four to six samples of your best work send only copies photographs are not normally used, but artists illustrating for us have worked with photos, using surreal effects electronic files are acceptable as long as it is in Mac format, eps or tiff, but please send a disk – DO NOT E-MAIL THE FILES

How to submit

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  • Cover letter

    Our online submissions form for fiction asks for your name, email address, cover letter, story title, and story. Your cover letter should contain the length of your story, your publishing history, and any other relevant information (e.g., if you send us a story about a medical disaster and you happen to be an emergency room nurse, mention that). We ask for the same information for poetry.

  • Eligibility

    No specific eligibility requirements

  • Formatting

    All stories and poems should be in standard manuscript format and submitted in .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF format. For information about standard formatting, see William Shunn’s guide to Proper Manuscript Format.

  • Author's rights

    We buy First English Language serial rights plus certain non-exclusive rights explained in our contract.

  • Additional info

    Some people who haven’t read Analog assume it has a much narrower emphasis on “nuts and bolts” than it actually has. It’s true that we care very much about making our speculations plausible, because we think there’s something extra special about stories that are not only fantastic, but might actually happen. We have no hard-and-fast editorial guidelines, because science fiction is such a broad field that I don’t want to inhibit a new writer’s thinking by imposing Thou Shalt Nots. Besides, a great story can make an editor swallow his preconceived taboos. We publish science fiction stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is so integral to the plot that, if that aspect were removed, the story would collapse. manual submission and manuscript format available

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine continues to bring together celebrated authors, new talent, and award-winning stories, poems, and articles, as it has since its launch in 1930. Originally published as Astounding Stories of Science Fiction, Analog remains the unparalleled literary magazine in...

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