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An independent, nonprofit, monthly literary magazine that focuses on short story fiction that encourages philosophical and ethical discussions.


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Fiction - 7000 words max

Max words: 7000

Max pieces: 3

Sub Genres: Literary, Children's story, LGBTQ+ Stories, Speculative, Young Adult

Payment: $ 75 per piece

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    Offer expedited response: 3-5 days using FAST PASS ($12 Fee) Must ask ethical or philosophical question We don’t care if it’s sci-fi, fantasy, romance, contemporary women’s fiction, historical fiction, western, or whatever, but the short story should have a deeper point for a longer discussion. While all are readings are blind readings, here is the after-the-fact demographics we found of who we published in 2023. - 56% Female, 41% Male - 72% Heterosexual, 10.5% Bisexual, 8% Gay/Lesbian, - 27% People of Color - 73% First Time Published

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