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Wtf is genre, send anything


We are looking for creative writing pieces of all genres for our inaugural issue.


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Wtf is genre, send anything (All Genres)

Max pieces: 2

We are looking for all genres for our first issue. (Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, physical media, experimental)

How to submit

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    Google / other forms

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    Write us a bio that tells us who you are and what you care about.

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    No specific eligibility requirements

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    Genre_Title_First and Last Name

  • Author's rights

    Published work terms and agreements: 1) the work is original; 2) you are the sole author; 3) you have used reasonable care to ensure that any facts represented in the manuscript are true and accurate; 4) you have not previously published or agreed to publish the work in whole or in part elsewhere; 5) the work is not defamatory or in violation of any right of privacy, common law, statutory copyright, or other personal or property rights; and 6) you assume full legal responsibility for the work and any action that might result from its publication. You understand and agree that your work will remain in our online archive, where all previous issues are made available to web readers. You agree to acknowledge Disco Kitchen as the first publisher of all work appearing in Disco Kitchen Magazine.

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Coming Spring 2024, Disco Kitchen is a literary magazine that is dedicated to creating a space that welcomes all writers. We love entertaining, thoughtful (and sometimes sad), character-driven narratives and invite you to submit your art. Come join us in the kitchen to laugh, cry, dance, and celebra...

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