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Wtf is genre, send anything

Wtf is genre, send anything

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A digital coffeehouse that engages & entertains with conversations around lifestyle, wellness, travel, books and poetry.


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    Please submit after significant time has passed from the first publication of the piece (1 year minimum). Please provide proper credits to the previous publisher.

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

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Wtf is genre, send anything (Opinion pieces, Wellness articles, Poetry, Book reviews, Travel articles)

No specific limitations

Wtf is genre, send anything (Opinion pieces, Wellness articles, travel articles, short stories (under 1500 words), Poetry, Book reviews, Author and Artist interviews )

Max pieces: 3

Coffee and Conversations is open to multiple genres and conversations. Please email us if you have questions about what to submit.

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    We do not requite cover letters, but do say "Hi!" Bios can be pasted into the email or included in the submission file.

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Coffee and Conversations is "The People's Magazine" and a digital coffeehouse that engages, inspires and entertains with conversations that offer interesting perspectives, lifestyle choices, travel stories, food experiences, and musings on poetry, books and art.






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