Let's collab!

We're open to all kinds of fun nonsense. We can do a course, we can organize a freaking conference, you could write a guest blog post, anything your weird mind can imagine - let's talk!

For any of the following openings, shoot us an email at hello@chillsubs.com. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to do. Don’t see what you want to do on this list? Fuck it, send us a message anyway.

If you’re an editor for a journal or magazine, we’d love to interview you! Just shoot us an email with the subject line: “Interview”

Other opportunities:

Write with us! [Email hello@chillsubs.com with ‘Blog’ in the subject line]

We are seeking articles and essays about the windy, wonky, fun, weird, hair-pulling, frustrating, tricky, super-spectacular process of hunting down different journals, lit mags, zines, reviews, and so on to ask them to hang your poem, story, odd or end up on their internet fridge. We want tips, tricks, ideas, fears, experiences, hot-takes, rants, etc., and so on.

Here is the fun part: Submit ’em however you want. Go bonkers. PDF? Fuck it. Word doc? Give it to us. Put on your goddamn party hat and copy-paste that sucker into an email.

We want what you’ve got. Wrap it in whatever cover letter you want. A love letter? Bring it. A hostage note? Oo-la-la, take me, now.

Volunteer Positions:

Data Gathering [Email hello@chillsubs.com with ‘Data’ in the subject line]

Do you love submission guidelines? Do you love Chill Subs? Wanna play matchmaker?

Everything you see here on Chill Subs has been either submitted by the community or gathered manually by our staff (of two [who are also volunteers]).

Help us reach our goals!

  • 3000 lit mags
  • 500 presses
  • 500 contests

We’re also looking to add grants, workshops, and conferences.

If you’d like to give us a hand with this, when time travel is invented, we’ll travel back and tell your parents to hug you more. We all need more hugs.

Auditing [Email hello@chillsubs.com with ‘Audit’ in the subject line]

Like taxes, but honest. The lit mag community is full of elusive deadlines and ever-evolving guidelines. We do our best to ensure every bit of information found on Chill Subs is accurate and up to date. However, like with all aspects of writing, the final product is always better after an extra set of eyes has looked it over.

Be our extra set of eyes.

Website Testers [Email hello@chillsubs.com with ‘Tester’ in the subject line]

Do you love perusing? Scanning? Tweaking? Clicking?

We need folks to crawl in and out of all the little nooks and crannies of the different functionalities on Chill Subs to ensure everything works as intended. And! Suggest ways to improve it.

We’re trying to make the submission process stress-free and fun, and there is nothing more stressful or less fun than a janky website.