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Submissions Tracker

Welcome to Chill Subs submission tracker 1.0! (Yes, there will be more points and ohs to come)

Tracking submissions can be tedious.

But it doesn’t have to suck.

So we’re releasing a super-simple fun tracker for all of your submissions. Plug in the title, magazine, and date to generate a card. Each has a ‘notes section’ in case you want to tack on any additional info, prayers, magic spells, etc.

Accepted? Click that green button.

Rejected? Click that red button.

We’re here to celebrate and commiserate with a series of pop-ups (you’ll just have to use it to find out). We spent–like–three days coming up with a bunch of random things then scrapped half of them because sometimes we think we’re funny at the moment then look back and think: did that joke actually make sense?

No. It did not.

We knew we’d gone too far when this idea for an acceptance pop-up got tossed around: “If cats could talk, you know what they'd be saying right now? Me-wow!”

So, yeah. Told you. So, there are about fifteen randomized pop-ups for both rejections and acceptances to make this whole business a bit less soul-crushing.



That’s right. Like the dog.

Did you receive a form rejection letter again? Well, check out our Form Rejection BINGO and mark off any sayings you got.

Once you get BINGO, tweet it out at us and we’ll celebrate with you.