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We Want Your Words!
Nom, nom, nom

Are you chill? Do you like subs? Mmm, tasty subs.

Well, you’ve come to the right spot. We are seeking articles and essays about the windy, wonky, fun, weird, hair-pulling, frustrating, tricky, super-spectacular process of hunting down different journals, lit mags, zines, reviews, and so on to ask them to hang your poem, story, odd or end up on their internet fridge.

We want tips, tricks, ideas, fears, experiences, interviews, hot-takes, rants, reviews, etc., and so on.

Contributors will receive $40. And fame, obviously. We'll accept 3 pieces a month.

Here is the fun part: Submit ’em however you want. Go bonkers. PDF? Fuck it. Word doc? Give it to us. Put on your goddamn party hat and copy-paste that sucker into an email.

Simultaneous subs: cool. Previously published: go for it.

We want what you’ve got. Wrap it in whatever cover letter you want.

A love letter? Bring it.

A hostage note? Oo-la-la, take us, now.


  1. be kind
  2. be quick (aim for <1000 words)
  3. embrace your weird
  4. it should be related to submissions process (sometimes writing in general, but we prefer submissions related stuff)
  5. we do not accept poetry or fiction

Send it here: (Put: “Submission” somewhere in the subject line)