Sticker Release Party!

Do you remember how when you were a kid your teacher would give you stickers on a board for every time you behaved well, completed an assignment or—totally random example that didn’t happen to anyone I know—got to the toilet before shitting your pants again?

Yeah—this is nothing like that.

But there are stickers. For both writers and journals!

First, for our journals we have two different options for “LISTED ON CHILL SUBS”

And for our writers, we have a “FIND MY WORK ON CHILL SUBS” sticker.

These are our first go around at making stickers for our community. If any designers out there want to make their own stickers, go nuts! We’d love to see your designs. We might even love them so much that we’d make them an official Chill Subs sticker for others (if you’re cool with it).

We have a page set up where you can download each of these stickers, HERE. And journals will be able to access their ‘listed’ stickers in the same spot or in their Admin Panel.