Cover of Special Announcement! — Things We Do While Waiting to Die

Special Announcement! — Things We Do While Waiting to Die

We created a startup diary! Oh boy.

We did this to…

  1. Give people insights into behind-the-scenes stuff at chill subs (and get ahead of several questions we often get asked).

  2. Provide some extra fun content for our sponsors, and some additional details on updates that would crowd our regular newsletter.

  3. Provide clarity & transparency to our users as we grow. This is simply an important part of our personal philosophies about how to respectfully run a “company” (because we can’t think of a better term for it).

  4. To make some extra money to keep us afloat and help us build more tools for writers & editors faster.

If you choose to subscribe, grand! If not, you’ll not be added to the diary, and no worries (it won’t be for everyone). There are two ways: become a supporter through our page. Or, sign up through substack. (Free users will get one post a month).

If you want to check it out first, you can read our first post here, and you can also check out our “About”. We will be posting there every Wednesday with insights, essays, & guest posts from other community members like Becky Tuch from LitMag News & Kailey DelloRusso from Write or Die.

So go. Subscribe. Read. Laugh. Realize you need to pay for cat food. Unsubscribe. Miss us dearly. Sell your cat. Resubscribe. Don’t tell us about it cause we’d hate you for selling your cat for the sake of some laughs and extra chill subs news, you monster!