Cover of Q+A with Christopher Allen from SmokeLong Quarterly

Q+A with Christopher Allen from SmokeLong Quarterly

If you want to submit to SmokeLong Quarterly, hop on over to their website (it’s free), read a few issues (in English or Spanish), weep away those jealous tears, then dry your eyes so you can come back and read our interview with their EiC, Christopher Allen.

If you could sum up SmokeLong Quarterly's vibe in six words or less, what would they be?

Quality, Integrity, Openness

What's a recent or upcoming piece in SmokeLong Quarterly that you're especially stoked about?

We read around 3000 submissions each quarter and publish 8. We're excited about every story we publish.

Who are a few writers you see as typifying the kind of work you look for at SmokeLong Quarterly?

We are continually surprised by new voices. Over the last 20 years the editors of SmokeLong have consistently declined to nail down an aesthetic. We appreciate and encourage innovation.

What is one thing you'd tell writers to avoid in their submissions to SmokeLong Quarterly?

Sending us work over 1000 words. We publish narratives under 1000 words excluding the title.

Is there a specific kind of project you haven't seen in your current submissions that you'd love to see come in?

We are always looking for something we've never seen, but we don't consciously seek narratives with particular themes.

Are there magazines you see as literary siblings, mentors, aspirations, besties, etc.?

No, but we send out a big hug to all the literary journals who work hard to provide space for literature.

Any parting words of advice for people submitting work, either to SmokeLong Quarterly or other journals?

Read a couple of issues before you submit. SmokeLong is free to read online.

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