Cover of Reject Republication Project

Reject Republication Project

Last summer we partnered with a company to run the Who Freaking Cares Writing Contest for Poetic Rejects. It was a load of fun with over 250 submissions!

Sadly, after publication of the finalists & winners, the company we partnered with shut down and these writers lost their published works.

As writers, we know how much that sucks. It is a problem within the writing community we refuse to be a part of.

So, we're republishing these works on our website & created a zine out of the contest finalists' poems called, "A Reject of Ostriches."

It's free. Download it, read it, appreciate these beautiful poets' works and let them know.

And yes! This means we will be running this contest again later this year. This time, we'll be publishing everything ourselves—and probably choosing an equally random way to send rejections.

Find individual poems here: