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Chill Subs Promorando

The Beatles were wrong. Money can buy you love. Apparently they never tried to get love in the literary community.

We’re tired of every writer site forcing folks to pay if they want their work promoted.

So, we’re doing it for free. Because: fuck it. Everyone deserves love–not everyone has the money to buy it.

These promotions are completely random. The only requirement is to have a Chill Subs page that’s fully up to date. The more work you have up, the greater the likelihood you’ll get promoted.1


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Daphne Fauber

West Lafayette, IN, United States
"Daphne Fauber (she/her) is a writer, artist, and microbiologist based out of West Lafayette, Indiana. When not reading books or agar plates, she can be found playing games and writing horror reviews."


Book cover of a picture of yr body but only the pieces that you like by Joe Nasta
Book cover of a picture of yr body but only the pieces that you like by Joe Nasta
Joe Nasta
a picture of yr body but only the pieces that you likeVisual poetry, collage, multimedia art and poems by Joe Nasta2020


Culinary Origami Journal, 2023
An Elegy
Patricia K avatar
Patricia K


Unstamatic , 2022
Carson Lake, 1950-1986A town’s local lake used to be a safe haven for many of its residents. However, a series of tragedies mar the lake and changes the area’s very nature.
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Gabriel Mambo


1. yeah, yeah we know this is also about getting people to fill out more of their work on their profiles and suggest more listings but–y’know, two things can be true? I know, you hate it when you see something like this and think: aw, they’re doing this for free? What kind souls! Then they say, “so make sure your profile is all filled out on our site,” and you think: Oh, those selfish fucks, I knew it! And then you feel a little cheated because they say it in such a sly way…or maybe I over think these things and nobody cares because two things can be true: give everyone a promotion sundae while getting to eat the cherries on top ourselves.