Cover of Is My Writing Ready To Submit?

Is My Writing Ready To Submit?

K.I.S.S. Guide: No bullshit, breezy guides to the elusive odds and ends of submitting literary(ish) works brought to you by Chill Subs.

If a writer were to fly over to the Degobah System, find master Yoda, and ask, “Hey, is my writing ready to submit to literary magazines?”

Yoda would say, “Answer in you, it is.”

And you'd think: “Damn, that green fella will never get published with grammar like that.”

But as you fly away, it'd hit you: “That’s it! My story just needs a bit of proofreading! Oh, Yoda! So crafty, he is.”

Take a few minutes to browse Chill Subs, and you’ll find hundreds of journals seeking all sorts of works—from literary to bizarro, formless poems to villanelles, and some that might even want your laundry list.

So, if you’ve got a piece of work you care about and want to see published, give it a few grammar-read-throughs, ask a comma-loving friend to check it over, and start researching journals.

Yeah, that’s it.

That’s the easy part.