Cover of Q+A with Audrey Bowers from Brave Voices

Q+A with Audrey Bowers from Brave Voices

Brave Voices aims to publish work from marginalized individuals about the human experience. And Audrey Bowers knows when someone hits that target; brave, story-driven, diverse, vulnerable, poetic, artsy. Learn more about how to get your work up in the pages of Brave Voices by reading our interview with Audrey.

If you could sum up your magazine's vibe in six words or less, what would they be?

brave / story-driven / diverse / vulnerable / poetic / artsy

Editors notoriously don’t get paid much (if at all) and tend to take a lot of flack. So, why do it? Is there a moment you can remember in your time with your magazine where you thought: ‘this, this is why I do it’?

Those times when writers are excited about their acceptances, especially when we are their first ever publication.

Who are four or five writers you see as typifying the kind of work you look for at your magazine?

Cheryl Strayed. Danez Smith. Sabrina Benaim. Roxane Gay.

Are there any common mistakes writers make when they submit to your magazine?

Try to stay away from wild formatting that doesn't serve the piece.

Is there a specific kind of project you haven’t seen in your current submissions that you’d love to see come in?

I'd love to see more art and visual poetry.

Are there magazines you see as literary siblings, mentors, aspirations, besties, etc.?

We're quite envious of The Taco Bell Quarterly. Sadly, a lot of the magazines that were our besties aren't active anymore. :(

Any parting words of advice for people submitting work, either to your magazine or other journals?

Try to be selective about where you send your work. Make sure their values align with yours.

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