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Ask An Editor!

If a person writes a poem in the woods and an editor isn't around to publish it, did they ever really write the poem?

Editors are the unsung heroes of the literary world. Each day, they don their black cloaks, climb to the topmost spire of LitMag Castle, and feed the souls of rejected writers to the god of broken dreams: Kevin*.

They don't want to reject you. They must. If they do not feed Kevin, Kevin will come for the children's dreams. Think of the children.

Or they are just regular folks with subjective tastes in literature—one of the two. We can't be sure.

That's why we are constantly interviewing editors for the Chill Subs blog. But rather than only asking about our theories (which, as you can see, are pretty sound), we want to know what you'd like to ask them.

So send us your questions! Include your Twitter tag, and we'll tweet it at you when we get an answer.

Unsure what to ask?

Here are some passable examples:

How far into a story do you feel it's an acceptance or rejection?

How do lit mags make money anyway?

Have you ever considered banding together to defeat Kevin to free the world from the tyranny of rejection?

Here are some bad examples:

Do you respond well to bribery?

Why didn’t so-and-so editor accept my story?

Where do you live?



*no relation to my brother Kevin who never let me play with him and his friends growing up.