Cover of Editor Admin Panel!

Editor Admin Panel!

They did it! All of our other features got together and made a baby! Only took three weeks of labor and a half-dozen frustrated screams.

Meet the Chill Subs Editor Admin Panel!

Ew, administrators?

Oh yeah. Administrators rule the world, baby! (idfk we’re being weird. We’ll stop. We get weird when we get excited. Like a dog—NO, not like a dog, shit. Nevermind, ignore everything I just said. Admin panel! That’s what is important.)

Magazines, contests, and presses can now claim their listing on Chill Subs and control all of the info on there.

Got a submission call, rock it. Tweaked your guidelines? Update that bad baby.

Is your magazine not listed? Add it. (we will verify it before listing tho so please no spam. We hate spam. Spam is secret dog food.)

We want to have the most up-to-date info about lit mags on the web and who is more up to date than the people running the things?

Nobody. That’s who.

So if you’re an editor or have a mag you’d like to list, check out our new Chill Subs Editor page. Complete with buttons, and windows…and stuff.