Chill Subs' Special Edition AWP Scavenger Hunt

Chill Subs AWP 2023 illustration

Since we at Chill Subs cannot attend the AWP conference (broke/foreign), we have created this scavenger hunt.


Print it out
& Bring it to the conference.
| Tweet evidence of you doing these things with a hashtag #chillsubsawp

Chill Subs AWP 2023 badges
The Pamphlet
  • 1 |
    Find an editor who rejected a story of yours and thank them for the work they do.
  • 2 |
    Get a selfie with an indie author whose book you read.
  • 3 |
    Find your favorite place to eat around the conference and let us know where it is & what you had.
  • 4 |
    Find an industry professional you admire and get them to sign your scavenger hunt.
  • 5 |
    Judge a book by its cover! Buy it and share the beauty with us.
  • 6 |
    Find Booth's Booth (yes, we think that's funny)
  • 7 |
    Find the coolest merch (in your humble opinion) from and indie-lit publisher and share a picture.
  • 8 |
    Attend two off-site events in one night (tell us what they were).
  • 9 |
    Attend an off-site reading event. Share a link to the author's work with us.
  • 10 |
    Ask a question during the Q&A part of a panel. Tell us the question and summarize the answer
  • 11 |
    Share a selfie with a Twitter friend you’ve met IRL for the first time.
  • 12 |
    Visit the booth of a publisher you've never heard of and tell us their mission.
  • 13 |
    Ask a stranger to recommend a book, chapbook, zine you can buy at the fair. Buy it (or share it if you’re broke)!
  • 14 |
    Ask someone at the Submittable table what services they provide. When they start to answer, interrupt them, yell, “CHILL SUBS RULES” and run away. (Kidding! Be nice.)
  • 15 |
    Write a silly little Twitter poem about an experience you have at AWP.
  • 16 |
    Find a litmag minted in the past year and purchase something from them. Or, if you don't have money for that sort of thing, shout out their twitter to us for some extra support.
  • 17 |
    Stick a BULLSHIT sticker (available at BULLSHIT LIT'S Booth) somewhere and take a pic.
  • 18 |
    Grab a free Papeachu sticker at Beerhall Bookfair, or at one of the events where their editor, Lynne, is a featured reader.
  • 19 |
    Bring any sauce packet you want (but bonus points if it's from Taco Bell) to Taco Bell Quarterly.
  • 20 |
    Tell 5 friends that Chill Subs is building a badass submissions manager. Details TBA. Yeah, we’re announcing this randomly in a scavenger hunt. What else did you expect?
  • 21 |
    Collect a random dinosaur fact from Senior Poetry Editor, Keagan, at the Defunkt Table.
  • 22 |
    Find Dave O'Leary and say 'Dennis Leary's got nothing on you.' (also he's giving out free books & a reading slot to the first few).
  • 23 |
    Find the book, “ROOK“ from SFWP, take a picture and say “Checkmate.“
Oh and
*Thank you to Andy Brown from Scrawl Place for letting us pick his brain on these! We were sad to learn he would not be able to attend this year, so we had to remove the prompt for people to find him and yell “BROWN ALERT!”