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Camila Hamel

Listening to the pixels.
Barcelona, Spain

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They ate the #gold, and shoved it up their noses. It was poured into Pyrex goblets, but this they respectfully declined, preferring the warm gold silt solution mixed with honey. Soon they cried golden tears and shat solid 24 carat turds,which they had for breakfast. 🌟
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I have just written one book, edited it, written the query letter and synopsis, and started the second book in the series, which stands at 30k. The ganglion cyst on my left wrist came back. It's making friends with the knots in my shoulders. All is well.
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It'll make a good #story.
A good story. Really. This?
Well... Smelly seafoam, ha ha, right?
No comment.
The biologist inhaled sharply. His binds hurt.
7am. They'll be looking for us soon.
No one is coming.
Why not? They came before.
By now they're dead.
Then no story.