Join the team

Hey! Since Chill Subs is RAPIDLY growing, I think it really needs some extra hands for us not to slow down and make it the best place on the internet.

Unfortunately, right now I’m unable to offer any payment, but this will change soon when the project starts offering paid features.

I have LOTS of ideas, and to bring them all to life I need both people who will help me maintain the database AND those who are more on the business side of things and have experience scaling and monetizing projects. AND those creating content. AND talking to people. While I myself will be able to focus on the software development tasks.

🛠 🧙‍♂️

Database manager / spreadsheet wizard

This mainly requires collecting info for new listings and monitoring submission calls once a week. Once a month, you'll help me collect examples and contributors info, or some data for new features. No coding experience needed, just filling in the forms :)
🚀 🍻

Cool business person / partner / someone very important

I'm looking for someone more extraverted than myself (and also with more experience in the industry) to organize all the crazy non-tech ideas I have in my head. Ideally I’m looking for a partner here, someone I could text at like 2am with some enthusiastic nonsense. So this one really requires some commitment. But it’s also hopefully more rewarding in the end? My goal is to turn this thing into something profitable soon, so we’ll become rich together and will fly to space on live TV or something.
Bonus points if you're from the UK because I'd love to relocate there, but don't hesitate to contact me anyway!
🎤 📝

Content guru

I want this thing to be big, OK?! I want to have a nice blog, a podcast, a conference, all of it. But I will collapse if I try to do this myself. So I need you. Text me and we'll be friends.
Email me if you feel like you could contribute in these categories OR any other,
ideas are always welcome!