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"The chillest way to submit is by not even submitting. Submission strategy | Submission support | cover letters | Bios | Submission Tracking Tell Tell Poetry is the poetry resource site that turns wannabe poets into published authors."

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Struggling to get started? To get your work out there? From concept to publication and everything in between, Tell Tell is a down-to-earth poetry resource site made up of poetry lovers, gentle souls, and an editing and design team that can help you release your work, submit out, self-publish, or edit and polish single poems.
Manuscript Overhauls, Manuscript Evaluations, Design Services, Self-Publishing Support Services, Submission Support, Single Poem Edits, Poetry Courses, Chapbook Overhauls & more
Design support that gives you all the aesthetic control. Maybe more control than you need. But don't worry--we'll work with you to find the right balance between your dream vision and how to make it happen. Cover Design | Interior Layout Design | Interior Illustrations
Self-publishing support so legit you might want to call us a publisher (even though we're a publishing support team). ISBN Acquisition | Platform Selection Support | Copyright Resources | Marketing Suggestions | Pricing Consultation | Marketing Blurb
Manuscript overhauls so thorough you'll feel like you have a 1:1 poetry editing coach. Because you do. Deep Critique | Arrangement Suggestions | Proofreading | Line Edits | Copyedits | Single Poem Support | Full Manuscript Overhauls
Poetry coaching that won't make you cry. You know how it is. You work with an editor and they red-line your entire collection. Or worse, they don't even mark it up. There's no good in between, but you really need a mentor to talk through your manuscript fears, your dreams, and your vision for your work. You want someone who both understands your needs and the big bad publishing world. Enter Tell Tell's Anti-MFA program. 1:1 Poetry Coaching Sessions | On Your Schedule | As Long as You Want
Poetry courses for kids and adults. Want to translate poetry but don't even speak another language? We got you. Looking for fun ways to help your 8-year-old stay engaged with the written word? Hiya! Want help honing your own craft? Need a submission course but don't want to pay a ton. Got you.
Submission Course - Understand best submission practices - Avoid submission faux pas - Hear from editors of contemporary magazines about what they're looking for - Get insider tips on what editors are looking for - Create a foolproof submission plan you can use again and again
Translation Course - Become the poet you’ve been after: - Create a community by connecting with other emerging translators. - Pick up techniques borrowed from established translators and dig into examples to understand the process. - Craft translations and creative work from guided exercises and prompts. - Enhance your style by making craft decisions that align with what your project needs. - Confidently approach an original text by understanding different translation methods. - Work like an experienced translator and trust your decisions when exploring new writing to bring into English. - Learn where to go to find support for your projects.
Hone My Craft Course - Hear from contemporary poets like Diane Seuss, Meg Eden, Alison Prine, and others. - Receive 1:1 feedback on poems created during the course. - Create a community by connecting with other training poets. - Pick up techniques borrowed from poets like Pablo Neruda, Danez Smith, Diane Seuss, Ocean Vuong, and others. - Craft poems from guided exercises and prompts. - Enhance your style by making craft decisions that align with what your poem needs. - Confidently approach the blank page by understanding poetic choices. - Write like a trained poet and trust your decisions when breaking the line, breaking the stanza, or exploring new forms.