"The idea behind Exilé Sans Frontières came to life in 2012, yet it took nearly a decade for it to find a home in the shape of a literary magazine. At its heart is a live impulse that sparks a sense of belonging, fosters social justice, and nurtures empathy."
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Pryscilla Hebel



'The Inside Twitch' by Robert Okaji

Of leaving: nothing ever lasts but odd habits and those rancid bits of love’s lonely power grid held hostage. Having survived blasts of rage, battered enthusiasts patch their holes and hope to mend. Did you ever observe an eyelid twitch from the inside? We outcasts share these tales. I unlock the door, step out into rain.
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'A Poem' by Fernando Pessoa (translated from the Portuguese by Daniel Nemo)

​Everything’s as sharp as a sunflower in my eyes. I’m used to walking the roads Looking left and right And sometimes looking back ... And what I see each moment Is something I've never seen before, And I do that really well ... I can feel the wonder A child would if, on being born, He realized he was truly born ... I feel reborn with every moment To the constant newness of the world ...
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'the autobiography between us' by toino dumas (translated from the French by Arielle Burgdorf)

​shadows tell tales to the moon glow slow merge say / say again / say in-between bacteriogenesis on the surface of the heart no, never alone we are written together between reef and tide our divide is thorny and distraught temperature drops from inner to surface body enough for me i could call it, maybe dove of ashes or ashen dove i blink out the autobiography between us i will always have the courage to not finish this poem
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'When Something Falls from a Window (Even the Smallest Thing)' by Rainer Maria Rilke

How the law of gravity strong as an ocean current brings to bay each ball and berry and carries them to the navel of the world. Each stone, blossom, and child is guarded by a grace ready for flight. Only we, in our arrogance, push out beyond what we belong to into empty space.
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