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"online lit mag, based in Philadelphia. we publish poetry, prose, fiction, art, + stuff that doesn't fit into any of those categories. new shit every W/T/F. lovers of bad poems, ugly prose, + lazy lore. "
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Max pieces: 6


Max pieces: 6


Max pieces: 6unless submitting a recurring strip, which you can totally do


Max pieces: 6


Max pieces: 6


Max pieces: 6


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Max pieces: 6


Max pieces: 6

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Veronica Bennett



Contributors on Chill Subs (25)

Sol Kim Cowell avatar

Sol Kim Cowell

London, United Kingdom
"Transmasc nonbinary and mixed Korean writer with a passion for the weird and sexy. Contemplative by nature. he/it."
Abbie Doll avatar

Abbie Doll

keith avatar


Minneapolis, MN, United States
"A chai tea would be lovely"
Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo avatar

Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo

Philadelphia, PA, United States
"2nd year MFA candidate at Rutgers University-Camden <3"
Sean Morrissey Carroll (he/him) avatar

Sean Morrissey Carroll (he/him)

Houston, TX, United States
"Sean Morrissey Carroll has been an art critic, acid dealer, butcher, bookseller, cook, curator, hay baler, history teacher, board member, museum guard, political cartoonist, street food vendor, tagger, tarot reader, waiter and vintage fashion grader."
juliawatson avatar


Asheville , NC, United States
"Julia Watson earned her MFA from North Carolina State University. A Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominee, she lives in Asheville with her three dogs and one fiancé. "
Mia Arias Tsang avatar

Mia Arias Tsang

New York, NY, United States
"Writer based in NYC. My work has been published or is forthcoming in Half Mystic Press, Bullshit Lit, Fatal Flaw Magazine, Fifth Wheel Press, the Yale Daily News Magazine, and Broad Recognition, Yale's intersectional feminist magazine."
Karina Kupp avatar

Karina Kupp

Warsaw, Poland
"Writer, musician, web developer, weirdo 🎸 Creator of Chill Subs"
colinmgee avatar


"Originally from Wisconsin, in Mexico since he got there."
Clem Flowers avatar

Clem Flowers

Michael Brookbank avatar

Michael Brookbank

Cincinnati, OH, United States
"Michael Brookbank is a poet across the river from Cincinnati, OH. Despite his best efforts, he is not a flower yet. Until then, read his work in Sugared Water, Brave Voices Magazine, and a few others – or don’t – this is a bio, not a cop."
michaelhaller avatar


Cincinnati, OH, United States
"I write various stuff and work in a public library. Published in X-R-A-Y, Maudlin House, Chill Subs, Five on the Fifth, Across the Margin, JAKE, Buzgaga, Blue as an Orange, BULLSHIT LIT, Bear Creek Gazette, FATHERFATHER and others."
W.C. Perry avatar

W.C. Perry

Columbus, OH, United States
"W.C. Perry (they/them) is a writer from Chillicothe, Ohio. To make contact, burn a candle on a starless night & scream into the nearest cornfield — they’ll get back to you eventually. Or, if that’s too much work: Twitter & Instagram @remotecatalyst."
nickswalker avatar


Cambridge, United Kingdom
"enemy of the sun, ally of yellow / word and image philanderer / prints things @amoonlitcafe"
Elia Karra avatar

Elia Karra

"Author and filmmaker. MFA in Creative Writing from Lindenwood University. My Bacon number is 3, but if I try hard enough, I might finally make it a 0."
Susan L. Lin avatar

Susan L. Lin

United States
"Susan L. Lin is a Taiwanese American storyteller who hails from southeast Texas and holds an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts. She enjoys sewing dresses, dancing to '90s hits, eating potatoes, reading mysteries, and streaming TV."
nat raum avatar

nat raum

Baltimore, MD, United States
"nat raum (b. 1996) is a disabled artist, writer, and genderless disaster. They’re a current MFA candidate at the University of Baltimore, and also the editor-in-chief of fifth wheel press."
Hanni Salata avatar

Hanni Salata

Chicago, IL, United States
"copywriter by day, poet by night, kaiju film critic by appointment"
extrasauce avatar


Katy Haas avatar

Katy Haas

MI, United States
K.A. Nielsen avatar

K.A. Nielsen

"Hej! From Georgia (US), now in Sweden. I write stuff that gets a bit weird, a bit experimental, and sometimes a bit heart-warming. Writing an annoyingly long 2nd draft of a novel. Queer, ex-Mormon, generally friendly, trying my best."
ebigeyl wells avatar

ebigeyl wells

Nashville (derogatory) , TN, United States
"21 - she/her graduate student of English at MTSU"
Shine Ballard avatar

Shine Ballard

A Box of Pencils, United States
"'The' fainéantmanqué, uses notebooks . . . and ekes by a pencil."
Karen Walker avatar

Karen Walker

"Writes very short. In @FlashBackFic @blankspacesmag @reflexfiction @ekphrasticrev @bullshitlit @bcgazette @miniskirtmag @JanusLit @AtlanticNEMag @publishedbyJAKE @MoonColaZine @LEspritLit @boatsagainstmag & others"
seeking avatar


Washington, DC, United States
"quibble about delimitations, I go by seeking and I'm becoming an artist"

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